Mascalls Academy takes on two students for long term work experience in IT Services

IT Services had the opportunity to offer some long term work experience to a couple of students at Mascalls Academy and Darren Stocker (Network Manager) approached teaching staff to find out if there was any interest within the Post 16 community. Two students, Matthew and Luke, showed interest in working with the Mascalls IT Team and will help provide support at the Academy for a day and a half each week.

Stephane Vernoux, the IT Director said: “This is an ideal opportunity for IT Services to provide an insight into the world of IT to two students who have expressed an interest in technology.”

This is a very positive opportunity for both Mascalls Academy and the IT Services Team in helping young people discover what it is like to work behind the scenes as an IT Technician. We extend a warm welcome to Matthew and Luke and are sure they will pick up some valuable experience working with Leigh Academies Trust which will help them in their future careers.