First Leigh Academies Trust Conference for Primary Academies

The first conference dedicated to the Primary Academies in the Leigh Academies Trust took place on Friday, 23 October at Longfield Academy.

Between all of our schools there is an absolute wealth of expertise, skills, knowledge and enthusiasm. At this incredibly busy time of the year we took a moment to stand still, and make the most of a marvellous opportunity to meet with new colleagues, exchange contact details and learn something new from our facilitators and from each other.

We are all of one mind and we joined this wonderful profession for one thing – to provide the best possible learning opportunities for our young communities, and hopefully the links we have made with each other, the inspiration we generated between us and ideas which grew from seeds sown on this day, will enhance our capacity to deliver this.

The workshops included Art, ASD, Computing, Poetry, Manipulatives in Mathematics, Forest Schools, Google Drive, use of the outside area for Early Years, Education Psychologists delivering on Grief, Loss and Attachment Disorder and Science. Our speakers came from both within the Trust and beyond, and what knowledgeable, dedicated and professional facilitators they were, their aim to deliver inspiration which appears to have been successful; of the 103 feedback forms that were returned at the end of the conference, 103 were very positive!

We are very grateful to Katie Petts and the Administrative and IT teams at Longfield Academy and Cucina for providing most welcome sustenance, all of whom worked so hard to ensure an enjoyable day and for our colleagues at Longfield Academy who allowed us to use their wonderful facilites.

We are already planning for next year!

Lorraine Hollingworth,

Principal, Hartley Primary Academy